Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the questions I am frequently asked answered here. to be updated as and when more questions come up.

How can you call yourself a shaman?!  This is something the shamanic community if very much divided over and I will not go into that debate here. For me calling this corner on the WWW is simply a matter of being able to reach people. What are you more likely to remember? “crafty shamanic practitioner” or “crafty shaman”, what is easier to type and less likely to go wrong? Not just for an English speaking audience but for those who don’t speak English too. The name simply makes it easier for me to reach people.

Where do you source the animal parts? A lot of what I use is roadkill. Most of it is found either by myself or my friends and eaten. Some parts come from hunters that I know or very close friends know and they are people that have similar ethics to myself and I feel confident the animal was treated in a respectful manner.

Where does the wool you use come from? the majority of my wool comes from a farm 45 minutes walk from me and is run by dear friends. It is a small flock and I know every sheep by name! Sometimes I purchase wool and I try very hard to make sure the wool is as local as possible and prefereably from smaller flocks as in my experience this ensures better well being for the animals

I have an item that is broken, can you fix it? Quite probably I can! I have fixed staffs, antlers where the crystal had broken off, ceremonial rugs, ceremonial clothing and lots of little repairs on ceremonial items that where noticed right before or right after events that where fixed as we prepped or wound down. Send me a message via the contact tab and we can chat!

Do you have an Etsy shop? No. I feel an Etsy shop makes it too commercial, to competitive and it adds to the cost for me, which is transferred to you! I am a one woman band and choose to keep it simple for myself. Less time spend updating multiple pages means more time spend creating 🙂

Have a question not mentioned here? Send me a message!