Hi! I’m Vera, the crafty Shaman.

Crafting and my spiritual path go hand in hand for me. one simply does not exist without the other. If I am not cooking, eating or sleeping I am either making something or working out in my head how to make something.

Journeying or speaking to spirit has , for women, historically often been combined with the repetitive motions of spinning, weaving, and knitting. 3 Crafts in which I feel especially comfortable and can quite possibly do whilst fast asleep!

The purpose of the crafty shaman is for me to have a little page people can come and visit when they want to know more about me, a place to announce workshops and another platform to sell some of the tools I create for others to use on their path. there is a blog, mainly to show off my work and occasionally I may post some ramblings that go through my mind.

I hope you enjoy browsing! If you have questions, would like to discuss the possibility of a custom item or just want to tell me how awesome my goods are please use the contact form to shoot me a message.

Bright blessings,